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The best ideas are the ones you come up with.

If you’ve been around the training industry long enough you know there are a million ways to skin a cat, and a million training consultants ready to help you do that.

I work a little differently. It might mean I don’t work with you if our conversation goes the right way, I might miss out on the contract, but I’m a consultant, not a salesman, and I’d rather sleep at night knowing you got a little further along the road to a solution because of our discussion.

I offer a free 15 minute consultation to help answer any questions you may have about learning and training, organisational change, coaching, group facilitation, or if even if you just can’t decide what to have for lunch 🙂

I travel frequently to great places to play and work. So this is the best way to contact me. My phone number is


Or use the contact form aside.

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I have worked with Peter since 2010 as a contract trainer/facilitator to deliver Accreditation training in our Emotional Quotient assessment tool. Peter has been involved in the design, facilitation and further development of the program. One of the most challenging aspects of facilitating this program is that Peter must facilitate his peers learning. That means he is training other trainers, coaches and consultants as well as senior HR, L&D and OD professionals. Peter always receives rave reviews for these training sessions and we would recommend him for and Emotional Intelligence/Soft Skill training without hesitation.Trevor O'Sullivan, General Manager and Owner at DTS International.

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